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[FN] Viper Macro (Edit, Prefire Macro)

[FN] Viper Macro (Edit, Prefire Macro)

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Our Fortnite Prefire Macro is designed not only to enhance gaming performance but also to provide critical assistance to visually impaired players, making Fortnite more accessible and enjoyable. 

It means this tool will NEVER get you banned.

This Utility is Compatible with Windows 10 and 11
Works on both windows 10 and 11
Works on every resolution
No setup process , user friendly interface
Fastest Macro Utility ***EVER***

### **[⚡] Prefire Macro**

Enhance your gaming performance with our advanced **Prefire Macro** that instantly shoots when a wall breaks, ensuring you always have the upper hand. This powerful macro comes loaded with essential features designed to boost your gameplay:

- **[🎯] Color Aim**: Automatically targets enemies by detecting specific colors, improving accuracy and precision.
- **[⚙️] Recoil Reducer**: Significantly reduces recoil, allowing for more stable and controlled shooting.
- **[🦋] Reset Macro**: Quickly resets your builds, getting you ready for the next encounter in no time.
- **[🛠️] Wall Retake**: Seamlessly rebuild and retake walls, maintaining your defensive strategies.
- **[👑] Fast Loot**: Optimize your looting speed with this feature, ensuring you gather essentials swiftly and efficiently.


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