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[FN] Viper Aim - External AI Aim-Assist

[FN] Viper Aim - External AI Aim-Assist

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ViperAim is a fully external Aim Precision Guidance,  made for Fortnite. Our software does not read or write to Fortnite's memory, meaning it won't get you banned. While there are limits, such as no ESP.

-Viper Aim is compatible with the following devices,

- Any Windows 10 or Windows 11 Computer/
- Computers with a NVIDIA GPU

- Viper Aim has the following features,

• Full Controller Support, This software is compatible with both Controller and Keyboard and Mouse input devices, ensuring a broad customer base.
• Auto Save: This feature automatically saves your login details and menu configuration, so you don't have to set it up every time you use the software.

• Keybinds: The software allows you to set up keybinds for #1 and #2, which makes it easy to switch between different modes and settings.

• Change Modes: The software comes with two different modes, Advanced and Simple. Additionally, a new Tournament Mode has been added, which is perfect for competitive gamers who want to maximize their performance.

• Visuals: The software offers various visual aids, including FOV Circle, Square, Custom Crosshair, Status, and Colors, which help you to identify your targets and aim more accurately.

• Hitbox: The software allows you to choose between Head, Neck, and Chest hitboxes, so you can customize your aim according to your preferences.

• Highly-Adjustable Smoothing: The software offers highly adjustable smoothing, both vertical and horizontal, which makes your aim more precise and fluid.

• Change FOV Scale Size: You can change the FOV scale size according to your preference, both in normal and ADS modes.

• Modify Confidence: You can modify the confidence of your aim, both in normal and ADS modes, to ensure optimal accuracy.

• Anti-Recoil: This feature helps to counteract recoil, with adjustable strength to ensure that your aim remains stable.

• Auto-Fire/Trigger-Bot: You can use this feature to automate firing, with adjustable accuracy, making it easier to take down targets.

• Supports All Resolutions: The software supports all resolutions, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

• Supports All Windows 10 & 11 Versions: The software is compatible with all versions of Windows 10 and 11, so you can use it with any system configuration.
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